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Ari Goldfarb - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Fight a Pandemic (With the Help of Your Feces)

Aug 19, 2020

with 🎙️  Ari GOLDFARB – CEO @ KANDO 💧 KANDO is a company that provides wastewater insights to cities by analyzing real-time data that is retrieved from IOT sensors located at strategic points around the network. 

Stephane Gilbert - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

The Astonishing Journey of a (forthcoming) French-Tech Unicorn

Aug 12, 2020

with 🎙️  Stéphane GILBERT – CEO and co-founder @ AQUASSAY. 💧 Aquassay is a water efficiency expert company, that optimizes both environmental and industrial performances of water uses and treatments.

Katia Wasiak - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

The 10 Secrets to an Outstanding Innovation Culture (that Boil Down to One)

Aug 5, 2020

with 🎙️  Katia WASIAK – CTO and General Manager @ SUEZ WTS 💧 Katia Wasiak is Chief Technical Officer of the Purification and Disinfection BU at SUEZ WTS, as well as General Manager of Degremont Technologies in Switzerland.

Thomas Debruyne - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Almost Double Treatment Capacity in About No Time

Jul 29, 2020

with 🎙️  Thomas DEBRUYNE – Asia Pacific Digital Manager @ Veolia Water Technologies 💧 Thomas Debruyne is Asia-Pacific Digital Manager for Veolia Water Technologies. He also holds a role of Food & Beverage Market Segment Manager, and is a former Operation Director Network Services, and General Manager Smart Water Services.

Ravid Levy - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How Ideas Come to Life in Water & Wastewater Treatment

Jul 22, 2020

with 🎙️  Ravid LEVY – Founder @ RLV Consulting 💧 Ravid Levy is the founder of RLV consulting services and a former VP Technology for Fluence and CTO for RWL water.

Laurent De Franceschi - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Solve the Wastewater Riddle in 6 Steps

Jul 15, 2020

with 🎙️  Laurent DE FRANCESCHI – Head of Applications @ SUEZ WTS 💧 SUEZ WTS is the industry-leading water technology and process expert to solve the toughest water, wastewater and process challenges.