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Featured - Semra Bakkaloglu - Imperial College London - Biomethane Production Leaks to the Atmosphere

The Underestimated Hidden Threat of Biomethane Production. Time to Act?

Oct 5, 2022

What’s about 28 times more concerning than carbon emissions? Methane releases into the atmosphere. It’s the same amount of carbon but with a much higher immediate global warming impact. Hence the concern when a recent study shows how we underestimate the emissions of biomethane production by a factor of two! What’s wrong with the biomethane … Read more

Taylor O'Neil - Richard's Rainwater - Bottled Rainwater

How to Actually Fight Big Water with Pioneering Bottled Rainwater?

Oct 1, 2022

Rainwater Harvesting just got an all-new flavor, and it’s sparkling! Indeed, next to the conventional approaches where that water would be used for irrigation, Richard’s Rainwater kinda created a new market segment: bottled rainwater. How can you fight Big Water by actually putting water in cans and bottles? How’s that approach greener and more sustainable? … Read more

A free adaptation from Seth Siegel's vision of the future

Seth Siegel: 50’000+ US Water Utilities, 500 Water Talks, 5 Decisive Truths?

Sep 28, 2022

Seth Siegel is a voice that counts in the Water World – having published some of the most influential water books of the past decade and spoken on every scene you can think of. Yet, in every keynote he delivers, he never fails to captivate the audience to convey his message home. There’s something wrong … Read more

Featured - Colin Goddard - Source Global - Atmospheric Water Generation

Expensive, Heavy but Desperately Needed: is Source the Future of Drinking Water?

Sep 21, 2022

Could you imagine producing perfect drinking water out of thin air and fully off-grid? Let’s face it: Source’s take on atmospheric water generation is pretty disruptive. Could it be a blessing for people and places for whom traditional central approaches have failed? We’ll explore today how even in the US, no less than 44 million … Read more

How will the Trial Reservoir Change Piloting Forever and For Good?

Sep 14, 2022

Piloting a new water technology has always been a cumbersome process. But this may well soon be history with Isle Utilities’ invention: the Trial Reservoir. What would it enable if water entrepreneurs could deploy their best ideas in weeks instead of decades? That’s what we’ll explore today (and how that’s even possible)… with 🎙️ Piers … Read more

Featured - Carol Maxwell - Brent Solina - MICROrganic Technologies - Microbial Fuel Cells

What if your Microbial Fuel Cells could Reach Out on Twitter?

Jul 27, 2022

Microbial Fuel Cells represent a tremendous opportunity to tap into the hidden energy of wastewater. But beyond that, they could also turn the way we operate our plants on its head! What if your microorganisms told you live and 24/7 how they feel and what your effluent looks like? with 🎙️ Carol Maxwell – CEO … Read more

Featured - Nicola Lei Ravello - White Stag Investing - Water is an Economic Risk

How to Admit, Value, and actually Overcome the Economic Risk of Water

Jul 20, 2022

Water may well represent less than 1% of the World’s GDP, but it heavily affects the other 99%, turning it into a major economic risk. Why and How? Let’s review! with 🎙️ Nicola Lei Ravello – Author and Founder of White Stag Investing 💧 White Stag Investing is a research platform for responsible investments, focusing … Read more

Featured - Scott Bryan - Imagine H2O - Water Innovation Accelerator

How to Build the World Leading Water Innovation Accelerator: Imagine H2O

Jul 13, 2022

Water Innovation Accelerators became more common in recent years. Yet the world reference remains unchanged: Imagine H2O. Why and How? Let’s review! with 🎙️ Scott Bryan – President of Imagine H2O 💧 Imagine H2O is the world leading Water Innovation Accelerator with $800+M raised in early-stage funding and 1.1 billion people (and counting) served.

Featured - John Robinson - Mazarine Ventures - Impact Investment - Water Risk

How to Mitigate 4 Shades of Water Risk Through Impact Investing

Jul 6, 2022

Turning the narrative from “Water is Life” to “Water is a Risk” makes its associated challenges more straightforward. This is an opportunity for investment funds to have an impact. Why and How? Let’s review! with 🎙️ John Robinson – Partner & Co-Founder at Mazarine Ventures 💧 Mazarine is an impact investor backing young technology companies … Read more

Featured - Sivan Zamir - Xylem Innovation Labs - Bring Innovation to Market

Passing the Baton: How to Bring Innovation to Market Faster & More Reliably

Jun 29, 2022

With the inception of its Innovation Labs, Xylem intends to provide a common framework for the water innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems to work with the US Giant. Why and How? Let’s review! with 🎙️ Sivan Zamir – VP Xylem Innovation Labs 💧 Xylem is one of the largest water and wastewater technology company globally and … Read more

Featured - Eirik Fadnes - Cambi Group - Thermal Hydrolysis

How to Save over 1 Million Tons of CO2 Every Year with Thermal Hydrolysis

Jun 22, 2022

Thermal Hydrolysis Processes are rolled out worldwide for as long as there are COP conferences. Cambi Group, the World leader with an estimated 80% market share, estimates that it represents 1 million tons of CO2 equivalent saving compared to the best available alternative. What’s inside these appealing thermal hydrolysis processes? Let’s review! with 🎙️ Eirik … Read more

Radical Collaboration for Regeneration

Radical Collaboration: 12 Staggering Ideas to Regenerate the Water World

Jun 20, 2022

BlueTech Forum 2022’s Theme was straightforward: Radical Collaboration for Regeneration. I got to chat with 6 industry leaders about their take at the matter! with: 🎙️ Menno Holterman (President & CEO @ Nijhuis Saur Industries) 🎙️ Snehal Desai (EVP & Chief Growth and Sustainability Officer @ Evoqua Water Technologies) 🎙️ Ralph Exton (Chief Marketing & … Read more

Featured - Andrew Benedek - Zenon - Anaergia - From Lonely Prophet to Water Industry Legend

How to be Alone, Early, Crazy but Actually Right: The History of Zenon

Jun 8, 2022

Membrane Bioreactors systems weigh $4Bn a year today (and growing). Yet, in the early eighties, no one really believed membranes would ever make a dent in clean water applications. So before envisioning a wastewater application, there was a long way to go… and a valley of death to cross for Zenon! with 🎙️ Andrew Benedek, … Read more

Can Lithium Mining Astoundingly solve the Brine Riddle with Benefits?

Jun 6, 2022

Lithium Mining is expected to deliver the lithium-ion battery industry 500’000 metric tons a year. Sure, conventional lithium supply will grow by 300% over the next decade but that will still not be sufficient! Hence, it might be an opportunity to get creative and to look for lithium in… water. How? Let’s review. with 🎙️ … Read more

Featured - Susan Moisio - Jacobs - One Water

Why is One Water the Best Way to Manage our Vulnerable Water Cycle?

May 18, 2022

We tend to put water management in silos. Drinking Water, Wastewater, Water networks, Sewers, Flood prevention… All of those have one thing in common: water. This is why you shall start leveraging the One Water framework today! It will swiftly turn into a key asset in our race to net zero water. Let’s review how, … Read more

How Water UK intends to Reach a Good Net Zero, Two Decades Early!

May 16, 2022

When it comes to the race to net zero water, Water UK leads the charge. Not only did it set ambitious goals, but also in a quite timely manner: the routemap leads to 2030! The cherry on that cake? It’s not only about “net zero.” They’re before and above all aiming for a GOOD one. … Read more

Featured - Stephane Bessadi - Asian Development Bank - Screening Tool for the Energy Evaluation of Projects

How to ensure Energy and Carbon Resilient projects with a Simple Screening Tool

May 15, 2022

The Asian Development Bank has put together a Screening Tool for the Energy Evaluation of Projects. As a result, it can guarantee that the water and wastewater projects it backs are fully aligned in the race to net zero water! with 🎙️ Stephane Bessadi – Senior Procurement Specialist for the Asian Development Bank 💧 The … Read more

How to cut Wastewater’s Energy Related Carbon Emissions in Two at No Cost?

May 14, 2022

50% of wastewater’s energy-related carbon emissions can be eliminated with existing technologies. What’s even better in the race to net zero water is that 95% of this impact is achievable at zero to negative cost! with 🎙️ Austin Alexander – Vice President, Sustainability and Social Impact at Xylem 💧 Xylem is a leading water technology … Read more

Featured - Jon Freedman - SUEZ WTS - Water Reuse Champion

Who will become the US’s first Water Reuse Champion Ever?

May 11, 2022

What levers can you play on to promote greater water reuse? Well, you can act on the money side of the equation, for instance, by incentivizing the deployment of new technologies through grants and loans. But also by making the wrong behavior more expensive. Wanna find out more? Let’s review it… with 🎙️Jon Freedman – … Read more

Featured - Annyse Balkwill - Take the Bore Out of Water Conferences and Business Meetings - The Luminus Group - BlueTech Forum

3 Crazy Simple Tips to take the Bore out of Business Meetings or Water Conferences

May 4, 2022

Have you ever attended a business meeting that seemed to drain your soul out of your body? Or happily slept in a water conference, to digest the jet lag and be in a good shape for the real conference content, aka the late drinks at the with 🎙️ Annyse Balkwill – Founder of the LuminUS … Read more

Featured - Victoria Edwards - FIDO Tech - Accurate Leak Detection - Artificial Intelligence

How to Save Time, Money, and Water thanks to 92% Accurate Leak Detection

Apr 27, 2022

with 🎙️ Victoria Edwards – CEO & Co-Founder of FIDO Tech 💧 FIDO AI is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) end-to-end leak detection solution that identifies leaks, sizes them, and tells you where to dig to repair them

What would it Empower, if Water Actually Became a Non Fungible Token?

Apr 20, 2022

with 🎙️ Katrina Donaghy – CEO & Co-Founder of Civic Ledger 💧 Civic Ledger is an award-winning blockchain company that builds trust layer solutions for the markets of tomorrow

These 2 Global Water Business Blocks Will Help to Mitigate the 3rd One

Apr 13, 2022

with 🎙️ Christopher Gasson – Owner of Global Water Intelligence and authority on water finance and markets 💧 Global Water Intelligence is the leading publisher and events organizer serving the international water industry.

Featured - Reinhard Huebner - SKion Water - 7 Secrets of the Water Company of the Year

The 7 Secrets of the Water Company of the Year you shall Absolutely Steal!

Apr 6, 2022

with 🎙️ Reinhard Hübner, CEO of SKion Water, 2021’s Water Company of the Year 💧 SKion Water is an international water technology platform, that aims to empower water technology companies to make a difference.

17 water industry insights - Cover

17 Decisive Insights that could Actually Impact the Water Industry

Mar 30, 2022

with 🎙️ Antoine Walter, Podcaster in Chief at GF Piping Systems – happy to share the Water Industry Insights he collected for you over the past 6 months! 💧 19 guests shared 1’114 minutes of Wisdom in this Season 4. I dived a bit deeper into 17 of these learnings to add my pinch of … Read more

Featured - Geoff Ward - Hazer Group Limited - Carbon Negative Wastewater

How to Make your Wastewater Treatment Plant Remarkably Carbon Negative

Mar 23, 2022

with 🎙️ Geoff Ward, CEO of Hazer Group Limited (nb: Hazer stands for “Hydrogen And Zero Emission Research) 💧 Hazer Group Limited is a pioneering company undertaking the commercialization of a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process.

Is the Hydrogen Economy actually an Astounding Investment Opportunity?

Mar 16, 2022

with 🎙️ Alena Fargere, Principal at SWEN Capital Partners and co-founder of the first European investment fund dedicated to renewable gases. 💧 SWEN Capital Partners, a benchmark player in sustainable investments in private equity, just announced the first closing of its second SWEN Impact Fund for Transition (SWIFT 2). It will be a direct contribution … Read more

Featured - Paul Martin - Hydrogen is a Decarbonization Problem - Spitfire Research

Is Hydrogen more of a Water Sector Miracle or a World’s Decarbonization Problem?

Mar 8, 2022

with 🎙️ Paul Martin, Chemical process development expert & founder of Spitfire Research.   💧 Spitfire research is a Process development consulting company for a decarbonized future, where Paul acts as an antidote to marketing hopium and a tireless advocate for a fossil-fuel-free future.

Jonathan Rhone - Axine Water Technologies - Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Featured

The Best Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Is The One You Forget

Feb 23, 2022

with 🎙️ Jonathan Rhone, President, and CEO of Axine Water Technologies  💧 Axine Water Technologies specializes in the on-site treatment of the toughest organics in industrial wastewater.

Featured - Kobe Nagar - 374Water - Supercritical Water Oxidation - SCWO

Is Supercritical Water Oxidation a Solution for PFAS, Energy (& More)?

Feb 16, 2022

with 🎙️ Kobe Nagar, CEO & Co-Founder at 374Water  💧 374Water is a cleantech company, that builds and develops Innovative physical-thermal technology (Supercritical Water Oxidation – SCWO) for resource recovery from waste and emerging contaminants elimination.

Featured - David Lynch - Klir - the Operating System for Water - Compliance Confidence

How to Establish Compliance Confidence for Every Water Utility

Feb 9, 2022

with 🎙️ David Lynch, CEO & Co-Founder at Klir  💧 Klir is building the All-In-One Operating System for Water.

Can Groundwater Trading help California save $580 million per year?

Feb 2, 2022

with 🎙️ Ellen Bruno, Extension Economist @ UC Berkeley  💧 The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley leads research and outreach on economic and policy issues relevant to California’s agriculture and natural resources.

Featured - Steven De Laet - Inopsys - Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Could We Please Stop Burning Industrial Wastewater? This is Much Better!

Jan 26, 2022

with 🎙️ Steven De Laet, CEO & Founder of Inopsys  💧 Inopsys provides mobile & modular side stream on-site solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Cesar Narvaez - Featured - NXO Engineering - Green Algae

Are you Still Fighting Green Algae? Here’s What to do Instead!

Jan 19, 2022

with 🎙️ Cesar Narvaez, CEO & Founder of NXO Engineering 💧 NXO Engineering is a deep tech startup in the Water and Sanitation industry developing a new generation of wastewater treatment plants.

Sebastian Andreassen - Featured - Cembrane - Ovivo - SKion Water

How to Use a Costly Material to bring Membrane Treatment Costs Down

Jan 12, 2022

with 🎙️ Sebastian Andreassen, CCO, Director and Co-Founder of Cembrane 💧 Cembrane is the world’s largest producer of Silicon Carbide (SiC) membranes for OEMs & System integrators within Water & wastewater treatment.

Four Successful Exits and Counting: What’s next, disrupting UV Disinfection?

Jan 5, 2022

with 🎙️ Wayne Byrne, CEO of Typhon Treatment Systems 💧 Typhon Treatment Systems is a company on a mission to make Water Disinfection Safe, Affordable, and Accessible without the use of Mercury.

Ramzi Bouzerda - Droople - Internet of Water - S4E8

The Best Insights of the Internet of Water might not be Where you Think

Dec 15, 2021

with 🎙️ Ramzi Bouzerda, CEO and founder of Droople 💧 Droople is a Swiss cleantech building the Internet of Water, with the aim of making the world aware that water matters.

Luke Butler - Qatium - S4E7

How to make Hydraulic Modeling so Easy that even You will want to Use It!

Dec 7, 2021

with 🎙️ Luke Butler, Director of Innovation at Qatium 💧 Qatium is a new frontier in digital water management, giving utilities of all sizes the visibility to improve network performance, identify efficiencies and ensure continuity of service.

Scott Hamilton - Sold Down the River - Water Trading

How Water Trading Unbelievably Killed One Million Fishes (and a River)

Nov 30, 2021

with 🎙️ Scott Hamilton, Researcher, Policy Advisor and author of “Sold Down the River” 💧 in “Sold Down the River,” Scott Hamilton and Stuart Kells explore how Robber Barons and Wall Street Traders Cornered Australia’s Water Market.

Walid Khoury - Desalytics - Sub-Saharan Africa Water

How To Irresistibly Rise in Sub-Saharan Africa When All Water Experts Step Out

Nov 24, 2021

with 🎙️ Walid Khoury, General Manager of Desalytics & Water Influence Guru 💧 Desalytics is a social impact investment vehicle helping solve Africa’s water challenges that ambitions to change the Water landscape in the Sub-Saharan region.

18 Months Left to “Close the Gap”: Beware, the Water Clock is Ticking!

Nov 17, 2021

with 🎙️ Mina Guli, CEO and Co-Founder of the Thirst Foundation, Director of the Antarctic Science Foundation, Director of the Global Water Partnership and Adventurer. 💧 The Thirst Foundation is dedicated to getting the global water crisis to the top of the agenda and driving innovation to use less water every day.

Central Water Management Networks won’t Handle 2050. Time for an Epic Move?

Nov 10, 2021

with 🎙️ Aaron Tartakovsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Epic Cleantec   💧 Epic Cleantec offers end-to-end service for the design, engineering, permitting, installation, and ongoing operations of onsite water reuse systems.

Solid, Liquid, Gas, And… A Fourth Phase of Water?!

Nov 3, 2021

with 🎙️ Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Founding Editor-in-Chief of the WATER research journal, Executive Director of the Institute for Venture Science, and Author of – among other books – “The Fourth Phase of Water.”    💧 The 4th Phase of Water, or Exclusion Water, is a semi-liquid or crystalline … Read more

How to treat PFAS out of Water and protect our Health, Economy, and Biodiversity

Oct 27, 2021

with 🎙️ Henrik Hagemann is the CEO and Co-Founder of Puraffinity.    💧 Puraffinity is a GreenTech Company that designs smart materials for environmental applications.​ Their cutting-edge material design and creative engineering approach may provide a new horizon to solve the daunting PFAS / Forever chemicals challenge we face.

Do Nature-Based Solutions Work? These New Case Studies Will Verify It!

Oct 13, 2021

with 🎙️ Silvana Di Sabatino, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Bologna, and coordinator of the OPERANDUM project.    💧 The OPERANDUM Project aims at delivering the tools and methods for the validation of Nature-Based Solutions as a way to enhance resilience in European rural and natural territories by reducing hydro-meteorological risks.

Can Nature-Based Solutions Better Protect Cities from Soaring Environmental Risks?

Oct 13, 2021

with 🎙️ Marc Barra, Urban Ecologist specializing in nature-based solutions at Paris’ Agency for Biodiversity, in charge of the H2020 REGREEN project.   💧 The REGREEN Project promotes urban livability through fostering nature-based solutions in Europe and China using evidence-based tools and improved urban governance to accelerate the transition towards green, equitable and healthy cities.

James Murray - Manage Flooding

How to Manage Flooding and Improve Water Quality without Steel, Concrete, and Hard Engineering

Oct 6, 2021

with 🎙️ James Murray, MGSDP Manager at the Glasgow City Council   💧 the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership (MGSDP) thinks about and manages rainfall to end uncontrolled flooding and improve water quality.

Alan Condron - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

A Climate Modeller’s Truth on the Controversial Project of Iceberg Harvesting

Sep 29, 2021

with 🎙️ Alan Condron, Scientific Researcher and Climate Modeller at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 💧 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is the world’s leading, independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education.

Olivier Narbey - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How To Save 136 Trillion Liters A Year? Solve Non-Revenue Water!

Sep 22, 2021

with 🎙️ Olivier Narbey, Senior Business Development Manager – Water Network Performance at GF Piping Systems  💧 GF Piping System is the leading flow solutions provider across the World.

Abdulla Alshehhi - Guest of the Don't Waste Water podcast

The Magical Substance You Need to Green a Desert Actually Comes from Antarctica

Sep 15, 2021

with 🎙️ Abdulla Alshehhi, Managing Director of National Advisor Bureau Limited, CEO of Q2 General Cleaning, and Business Support Section Head at GASCO  💧 National Advisor Bureau Limited leverages creativity and innovation to be a leading Consultant Firm For start-up businesses & Established Companies