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Walid Khoury - Desalytics - Sub-Saharan Africa Water

How To Irresistibly Rise in Sub-Saharan Africa When All Water Experts Step Out

Nov 24, 2021

with 🎙️ Walid Khoury, General Manager of Desalytics & Water Influence Guru 💧 Desalytics is a social impact investment vehicle helping solve Africa’s water challenges that ambitions to change the Water landscape in the Sub-Saharan region.

18 Months Left to “Close the Gap”: Beware, the Water Clock is Ticking!

Nov 17, 2021

with 🎙️ Mina Guli, CEO and Co-Founder of the Thirst Foundation, Director of the Antarctic Science Foundation, Director of the Global Water Partnership and Adventurer. 💧 The Thirst Foundation is dedicated to getting the global water crisis to the top of the agenda and driving innovation to use less water every day.

Central Water Management Networks won’t Handle 2050. Time for an Epic Move?

Nov 10, 2021

with 🎙️ Aaron Tartakovsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Epic Cleantec   💧 Epic Cleantec offers end-to-end service for the design, engineering, permitting, installation, and ongoing operations of onsite water reuse systems.

Solid, Liquid, Gas, And… A Fourth Phase of Water?!

Nov 3, 2021

with 🎙️ Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Founding Editor-in-Chief of the WATER research journal, Executive Director of the Institute for Venture Science, and Author of – among other books – “The Fourth Phase of Water.”    💧 The 4th Phase of Water, or Exclusion Water, is a semi-liquid or crystalline … Read more

How to treat PFAS out of Water and protect our Health, Economy, and Biodiversity

Oct 27, 2021

with 🎙️ Henrik Hagemann is the CEO and Co-Founder of Puraffinity.    💧 Puraffinity is a GreenTech Company that designs smart materials for environmental applications.​ Their cutting-edge material design and creative engineering approach may provide a new horizon to solve the daunting PFAS / Forever chemicals challenge we face.

Do Nature-Based Solutions Work? These New Case Studies Will Verify It!

Oct 13, 2021

with 🎙️ Silvana Di Sabatino, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Bologna, and coordinator of the OPERANDUM project.    💧 The OPERANDUM Project aims at delivering the tools and methods for the validation of Nature-Based Solutions as a way to enhance resilience in European rural and natural territories by reducing hydro-meteorological risks.

Can Nature-Based Solutions Better Protect Cities from Soaring Environmental Risks?

Oct 13, 2021

with 🎙️ Marc Barra, Urban Ecologist specializing in nature-based solutions at Paris’ Agency for Biodiversity, in charge of the H2020 REGREEN project.   💧 The REGREEN Project promotes urban livability through fostering nature-based solutions in Europe and China using evidence-based tools and improved urban governance to accelerate the transition towards green, equitable and healthy cities.

James Murray - Manage Flooding

How to Manage Flooding and Improve Water Quality without Steel, Concrete, and Hard Engineering

Oct 6, 2021

with 🎙️ James Murray, MGSDP Manager at the Glasgow City Council   💧 the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership (MGSDP) thinks about and manages rainfall to end uncontrolled flooding and improve water quality.

Alan Condron - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

A Climate Modeller’s Truth on the Controversial Project of Iceberg Harvesting

Sep 29, 2021

with 🎙️ Alan Condron, Scientific Researcher and Climate Modeller at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 💧 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is the world’s leading, independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education.

Olivier Narbey - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How To Save 136 Trillion Liters A Year? Solve Non-Revenue Water!

Sep 22, 2021

with 🎙️ Olivier Narbey, Senior Business Development Manager – Water Network Performance at GF Piping Systems  💧 GF Piping System is the leading flow solutions provider across the World.

Abdulla Alshehhi - Guest of the Don't Waste Water podcast

The Magical Substance You Need to Green a Desert Actually Comes from Antarctica

Sep 15, 2021

with 🎙️ Abdulla Alshehhi, Managing Director of National Advisor Bureau Limited, CEO of Q2 General Cleaning, and Business Support Section Head at GASCO  💧 National Advisor Bureau Limited leverages creativity and innovation to be a leading Consultant Firm For start-up businesses & Established Companies

Alexander Loucopoulos - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

The 3 Painful Challenges the US Water Sector Desperately Needs to Overcome

Sep 8, 2021

with 🎙️ Alexander Loucopoulos, Partner at both Sciens Capital Management and Sciens Water  💧 Sciens Water is a research-driven investment fund that identifies uncovered, under-researched, or misunderstood opportunities in the water sector that are hence undercapitalized. 

David Lloyd Owen - Guest of the Don't Waste Water podcast - SDG 6 - Global Water Funding

3 Paths to Reach SDG 6 by 2050: All Our Hopes are on #3!

Aug 31, 2021

with 🎙️ David Lloyd Owen, Managing Director of Envisager, Columnist for Global Water Intelligence, Advisor on several boards, and author of “Global Water Funding.” 💧 In his Global Water Funding book, David Lloyd Owen discusses global progress towards fulfilling SDG 6, proposes alternative solutions to lack of funding, and examines the reasons why countries are … Read more

Lea Im Obersteg - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Design Thinking Will Make You Fail Faster: That’s Exactly What You Need!

Aug 25, 2021

with 🎙️ Lea Im Obersteg, Head of Global Design Thinking @ GF Piping Systems 💧 GF Piping Systems is the leading flow solutions provider across the World.

Gilles Toussaint - GT Impact - Mission First Entrepreneurs for Future - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

A 5% Boost on This Growth Funnel Step Easily Makes 95% More Profit. Jackpot?

Aug 18, 2021

with 🎙️ Gilles Toussaint, Founder @ GT Impact and Host of the “Mission First – Entrepreneurs for Future” podcast 💧 GT Impact strives to help Greentech companies to increase their revenue with efficient growth marketing sprints and data-driven content marketing

Choosing the Best Suited Ozone Diffusion System. What does Data Say?

Aug 11, 2021

with 🎙️ Jim Lauria, Vice President Sales and Marketing at the Mazzei Injector Company and Board Member at the International Ozone Association 💧 Mazzei Injector Company is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of venturi injectors, flash reactors, and other high-efficiency mixing technologies and ozone diffusion systems.

Hasmik Barseghyan - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Speak Up and Empower More Young Water Professionals

Aug 3, 2021

with 🎙️ Hasmik Barseghyan, President of the European Youth Parliament for Water, among other strategic roles at the World Water Quality Alliance, the World Energy Council, the International Secretariat for Water, or Woman in Climate and Energy. 💧 The EYPW aims to promote youth involvement in the water sector by increasing their awareness of water … Read more

Denise E Mall - Guest of the don't Waste Water Podcast

How Biomimicry Leverages the Best of 3.8 Million Years of R&D

Jul 28, 2021

with 🎙️ Denise E Mall, Managing Director of EnsO Earth 💧 EnsO Earth focuses on the intersection of living futures, biomimicry, circularity, and ecological design thinking to go beyond sustainable towards regenerative solutions.

Meena Sankaran - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Is Software to Measure Water Quality Actually a Matter of Hardware?

Jul 20, 2021

with 🎙️ Meena Sankaran, CEO and Founder of KETOS. 💧 KETOS ambitions to transform how water operators measure, manage and forecast water quality and efficiency in Industrial, Agricultural, and Municipal applications.

Alice Schmidt and Claudia Winkler, guests of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

1001 Reasons Why, the Sustainability Puzzle is a Unique Opportunity

Jul 13, 2021

with 🎙️ Alice Schmidt, MBA lecturer, Adviser to the European Commission, and non-profit organizations like Extinction Rebellion, Protect our Winters, and Chair of the Board of Endeva e.V. with 🎙️ Claudia Winkler, CEO, and co-founder of Goood Mobile, Europe’s first B-Corp Certified telecom provider, and a Founding Partner of Adjacent Possible Network. 💧 Alice and … Read more

Florian Heeb - Julian Kölbel - Guests of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

3 Powerful Tactics Impact Investing shall better use to Save the World

Jul 7, 2021

with 🎙️ Florian Heeb & Julian Kölbel – Researchers @ the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) in Zürich 💧 CSP is an academic research and teaching institution at the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich.

Navkaran Singh Bagga - Guest of the "(don't) Waste Water" podcast to discuss Atmospheric Water Generation

Is Water from Air Actually a Scam or a Gift? You’ll Be Astounded!

Jun 30, 2021

with 🎙️ Navkaran Singh Bagga – Founder & CEO @ Akvo Atmospheric Water Systems 💧 Akvo produces Water from Air, aka Limitless Water from Unlimited Air

Paul O'Callaghan - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How Long Will it Take to Grow? The 4 Stages of Water Innovation.

Jun 23, 2021

with 🎙️ Paul O’Callaghan – Founder & CEO @ BlueTech Research  💧 BlueTech Research analyzes innovative water technologies to transform your company.  💧 Paul is also the executive producer & co-director of Netflix’s “Brave Blue World.”  💧 … and as he noticed, that he still had some time on Saturdays, he just completed a Ph.D. … Read more

Ravid Levy - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

The Two Surprising Pillars that Support Israel’s Water Miracle

Jun 16, 2021

with 🎙️ Ravid Levy – Founder & Consultant at RLV Consulting 💧 RLV Consulting helps Water Innovators to translate their technical R&D into Business Chances, Go-To-Market Plans, and Investment Opportunities

Megan Casey Glover - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

What’s hidden in your tap water? Don’t worry, your utility doesn’t really know better!

Jun 9, 2021

with 🎙️ Megan Glover – CEO and Co-Founder of 120Water 💧 120Water is an end-to-end solution for drinking water programs, COVID-19 wastewater sampling, and compliance.

Jacob Bossaer - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Save No Less than 2.2 Billion Lives (aka Frozen 3)

May 26, 2021

with 🎙️ Jacob Bossaer – CEO and Founder of BOSAQ 💧 BOSAQ is a very ambitious Water Scale-Up aiming to develop innovative and future-proof drinking water solutions.

Gabi Wolkinson and Ofir Menashe - Guests of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Do you Really Provide Job Security to your Best Workers?

May 19, 2021

with 🎙️ Gabi Wolkinson – CEO and 🎙️ Ofir Menashe – CTO and Founder of BioCastle – a microbial encapsulation company. 💧  BioCastle is an environmental biotechnology company that encapsulates nature by developing and marketing an intriguing technology: the Small Bioreactor Platform.

Manaf Farhan - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Treat Wastewater in a Net Grid Positive Way while Mimicking your Body?

May 12, 2021

with 🎙️ Manaf Farhan – CEO & Co-Founder of EMG International (we discuss anaerobic digestion!) 💧 EMG International is a leading company in Anaerobic Wastewater treatments, with a pretty unique take on anaerobic digestion.

Michael Stanley Gallisdorfer - Guest of the (don't) Waste Water

What is the Best Way to Make Four Dollars out of One?

May 5, 2021

with 🎙️ Michael Stanley Gallisdorfer 💧 Michael holds a Ph. D. in Geography and builds upon a unique (and multidisciplinary!) skill set, making him a Global Water expert.

Ulrike Kelm - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

It’s hard to be what you can’t see: How to get more Women in Water?

Apr 28, 2021

with 🎙️ Ulrike Kelm – Chair of the Women in Water and Sanitation Network 💧 The Women in Water and Sanitation Network is an active ambassador for gender equality, connecting and empowering female professionals, expanding women’s career opportunities, and increasing their visibility.

Hakim El Fadil - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to do Competitive Intelligence in Plain Sight and Share it with Everyone?

Apr 21, 2021

with 🎙️ Abdelhakim El Fadil – Ph.D. Researcher and Podcast Host 💧 The “Smart Water Solutions” podcast addresses technical hints and industrial expertise to better exploit water treatment technologies.

Gaetane Suzenet - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Is Entrepreneurship the Missing Link to Shape the Future of the Water Industry?

Apr 14, 2021

with 🎙️ Gaetane Suzenet – Co-Founder of the European Water Tech Accelerator 💧 The European Water Tech Accelerator aims to boost European water start-ups to drive sustainable growth in the global water sector. 

VEOLIA SUEZ Merger Special Episode

SUEZ + VEOLIA: Long Live the Newlyweds?

Apr 13, 2021

with 🎙️ Antoine WALTER – Podcaster in Chief @ GF Piping Systems 💧 Let’s dive into the last 8 months of the SUEZ Vs. Veolia battle that apparently came to an end on the 12th of April 2021!

Nicola Lei Ravello - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Can we Turn Finance (Astoundingly) into the Water Sector’s New Best Ally?

Apr 7, 2021

with 🎙️ Nicola Lei Ravello – Independent investment consultant and founder of White Stag Investing 💧 White Stag Investing is a research platform for responsible investments, focusing on sustainability as a source of value and stability in the long-term.

Maika Pellegrino - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Consistently Deliver on the Promise as a Consultant Engineer?

Mar 31, 2021

with 🎙️ Maika Pellegrino – Senior Project Manager, Water & Wastewater @Jacobs 💧 Jacobs was the World’s n°1 Design Firm for the third year in a row as per ENR’s ranking in 2020

Brian Moloney - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Fatbergs Right Ahead? Not if you Harvest the Right Data!

Mar 23, 2021

with 🎙️ Brian Moloney – Founder & Managing Director @ StormHarvester 💧 StormHarvester is the leading company in smart drainage systems (and more).

Adam Tank & Jim Lauria - Guests of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Master Kick-Ass Storytelling, Skyrocket your Water Narratives and Boost your Sales?

Mar 17, 2021

with 🎙️ Jim Lauria – VP Sales & Marketing at Mazzei Injector Company & with 🎙️ Adam Tank – Director, Software Solutions at Transcend Water 💧 Adam & Jim are the co-hosts of the “Water We Talking About?” Podcast

Graeme Pearce - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Everything you Always Wanted to Know about MBRs (Without Daring to Ask)

Mar 10, 2021

with 🎙️ Graeme Pearce – Director @ Membrane Consultancy Associates 💧 Membrane Consultancy Associates is a consultancy practice bringing expertise and guidance in membrane technology.

Steven Kohn - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

What if you could save 12’000 liters a year, from the tip of your foot?

Mar 3, 2021

with 🎙️ Steven Kohn – CEO & Founder @ Wisewater 💧 Wisewater aims to provide simple and seamless devices to better conserve our most precious resource, (aka water).

Gilad Yogev - Fluence's MABR Product Manager - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

This Astonishing Technology will Turn the Wastewater Sector on its Head! Here’s Why.

Feb 23, 2021

with 🎙️ Gilad Yogev – Product Manager MABR Products @ Fluence 💧 Fluence is a global leader in decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Björn Otto - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How can a Professional Zebra Skyrocket your Marketing?

Feb 16, 2021

with 🎙️ Björn Otto – Business Unit and Marketing Director @ Hager + Elsässer 💧 H+E is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water and wastewater technology with more than 30,000 turnkey plants in over 130 countries around the globe.

Matthew Silver - Guest of the (don't) Waste Water Podcast

How to get Water as a Service, Below Utility Prices, with Zero Money Down

Feb 10, 2021

with 🎙️ Matthew Silver – Founder & CEO @ Cambrian Innovation 💧 Cambrian Innovation is a revolutionary provider of distributed wastewater treatment and resource recovery solutions.

Kimberly Baker - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to be a Beacon and Trigger 1.5 Billion New Funding as a Fearless Nonprofit

Feb 3, 2021

with 🎙️ Kimberly Baker – Director of Water Innovation at the Elemental Excelerator 💧 Elemental is a non-profit Growth Accelerator supporting entrepreneurs who are building world-changing companies.

Matthew Silver - Guest of the (dont') Waste Water Podcast

Can this Astonishing Aerospace Technology Improve Beer’s Taste?

Jan 27, 2021

with 🎙️ Matthew Silver – Founder & CEO @ Cambrian Innovation 💧 Cambrian Innovation is a revolutionary provider of distributed wastewater treatment and resource recovery solutions.

Haris Kadrispahic - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Behind the Scenes of the Hardest Human-Made Material

Jan 19, 2021

with 🎙️ Haris Kadrispahic – Head of Innovation @ LiqTech International 💧 LiqTech is a technology company specialized in high-end membrane solutions

Elango Thevar - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to make the best use of each dollar to cut water losses as a small community?

Jan 12, 2021

with 🎙️ Elango Thevar – Founder & CEO @ 💧 is a Start-Up aiming to redefine Water Management through Artificial Intelligence

Orianna Bretschger - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Clear Crazy Pollution Loads in an (Electrical) Breathe

Dec 9, 2020

with 🎙️ Orianna BRETSCHGER, Founder & CEO @ Aquacycl 💧 Aquacycl is an award-winning, woman-owned Water Start-Up that might reshape your vision of hard-to-treat wastewaters.

Fajer Mushtaq - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

How to Solve a Global Challenge in an Easy, Affordable, Innovative, and Efficient Way?

Dec 2, 2020

with 🎙️ Fajer Mushtaq – Co-Founder & CEO @ Oxyle AG 💧 Aquacycl is an award-winning Water Start-Up offering a Swiss Solution to a Global Problem.

Anthony Dusovic - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Invisible Yet Actually in your Blood: Behind the Scenes of the PFAS Threat

Nov 18, 2020

with 🎙️ Anthony DUSOVIC – Vice-President Strategic Projects @ SUEZ in North America 💧 SUEZ in North America is the US’ second-largest environmental services firm.

Ari Raivetz - Guest of the Don't Waste Water Podcast

Save Time, Boost Value and Wow Customers in a Snap with these 5 Simple (AI) Steps

Nov 11, 2020

with 🎙️  Ari RAIVETZ – CEO @ Transcend Software Inc. 💧 Transcend is an incredibly innovative company that provides software to automate any vertical asset’s preliminary engineering.