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Do Nature-Based Solutions Work? These New Case Studies Will Verify It!

13 October 2021

with 🎙️ Silvana Di Sabatino, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Bologna, and coordinator of the OPERANDUM project.    💧 The OPERANDUM Project aims at delivering the tools and methods for the validation of Nature-Based Solutions as a way to enhance resilience in European rural and natural territories by reducing hydro-meteorological risks.

Can Nature-Based Solutions Better Protect Cities from Soaring Environmental Risks?

13 October 2021

with 🎙️ Marc Barra, Urban Ecologist specializing in nature-based solutions at Paris’ Agency for Biodiversity, in charge of the H2020 REGREEN project.   💧 The REGREEN Project promotes urban livability through fostering nature-based solutions in Europe and China using evidence-based tools and improved urban governance to accelerate the transition towards green, equitable and healthy cities.

How to Manage Flooding and Improve Water Quality without Steel, Concrete, and Hard Engineering

6 October 2021

with 🎙️ James Murray, MGSDP Manager at the Glasgow City Council   💧 the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership (MGSDP) thinks about and manages rainfall to end uncontrolled flooding and improve water quality.

A Climate Modeller’s Truth on the Controversial Project of Iceberg Harvesting

29 September 2021

with 🎙️ Alan Condron, Scientific Researcher and Climate Modeller at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 💧 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is the world’s leading, independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education.

How To Save 136 Trillion Liters A Year? Solve Non-Revenue Water!

22 September 2021

with 🎙️ Olivier Narbey, Senior Business Development Manager – Water Network Performance at GF Piping Systems  💧 GF Piping System is the leading flow solutions provider across the World.

The Magical Substance You Need to Green a Desert Actually Comes from Antarctica

15 September 2021

with 🎙️ Abdulla Alshehhi, Managing Director of National Advisor Bureau Limited, CEO of Q2 General Cleaning, and Business Support Section Head at GASCO  💧 National Advisor Bureau Limited leverages creativity and innovation to be a leading Consultant Firm For start-up businesses & Established Companies

The 3 Painful Challenges the US Water Sector Desperately Needs to Overcome

8 September 2021

with 🎙️ Alexander Loucopoulos, Partner at both Sciens Capital Management and Sciens Water  💧 Sciens Water is a research-driven investment fund that identifies uncovered, under-researched, or misunderstood opportunities in the water sector that are hence undercapitalized. 

3 Paths to Reach SDG 6 by 2050: All Our Hopes are on #3!

31 August 2021

with 🎙️ David Lloyd Owen, Managing Director of Envisager, Columnist for Global Water Intelligence, Advisor on several boards, and author of “Global Water Funding.” 💧 In his Global Water Funding book, David Lloyd Owen discusses global progress towards fulfilling SDG 6, proposes alternative solutions to lack of funding, and examines the reasons why countries are … Read more

Design Thinking Will Make You Fail Faster: That’s Exactly What You Need!

25 August 2021

with 🎙️ Lea Im Obersteg, Head of Global Design Thinking @ GF Piping Systems 💧 GF Piping Systems is the leading flow solutions provider across the World.

A 5% Boost on This Growth Funnel Step Easily Makes 95% More Profit. Jackpot?

18 August 2021

with 🎙️ Gilles Toussaint, Founder @ GT Impact and Host of the “Mission First – Entrepreneurs for Future” podcast 💧 GT Impact strives to help Greentech companies to increase their revenue with efficient growth marketing sprints and data-driven content marketing

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Don't Waste Water Podcast Host

Antoine WALTER is the host of the "(don't) Waste Water" podcast, airing every Wednesday on all platforms. Holding a master in water and environmental engineering, he's been working for 10 years in the water industry with a special dedication to solution driven wastewater treatments.

And he's French, nobody's perfect.

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There are two sides to our water industry. Sure, we're quite conservative on one end. But water is a never-ending field for innovation!

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And if you feel like, we did not address yet the issue that keeps you up at night, contact us!

Water & Wastewater 101

Our industry might be confusing at first sight! Don't worry, we've all been there (...and still regularly are 😉).

You'll find here some key definitions, cornerstones, and directions to guide you on your water and wastewater journey!

The timelines of Water and Wastewater Management started around the same milestones, with the first large civilizations.

Around 3'500 BC, the first evidence is found of Water & Wastewater Management in the Mesopotamian Empire.

The Romans would then be the first to provide a full circle integrated water cycle management.

And then... nothing!

With the collapse of the Roman Empire, everything that the Mesopotamians, the Indus, the Greeks, or the Romans had brought to human wellbeing kind of vanished.

Water would recover, gradually. But for wastewater... the dark age would last over a millennial!

Dive into the depth of that story here, to answer this simple question: how long do Wastewater Treatment Plants exist?