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The Two Surprising Pillars that Support Israel’s Water Miracle

16 June 2021

with 🎙️ Ravid Levy – Founder & Consultant at RLV Consulting 💧 RLV Consulting helps Water Innovators to translate their technical R&D into Business Chances, Go-To-Market Plans, and Investment Opportunities

What’s hidden in your tap water? Don’t worry, your utility doesn’t really know better!

9 June 2021

with 🎙️ Megan Glover – CEO and Co-Founder of 120Water 💧 120Water is an end-to-end solution for drinking water programs, COVID-19 wastewater sampling, and compliance.

How to Save No Less than 2.2 Billion Lives (aka Frozen 3)

26 May 2021

with 🎙️ Jacob Bossaer – CEO and Founder of BOSAQ 💧 BOSAQ is a very ambitious Water Scale-Up aiming to develop innovative and future-proof drinking water solutions.

Do you Really Provide Job Security to your Best Workers?

19 May 2021

with 🎙️ Gabi Wolkinson – CEO and 🎙️ Ofir Menashe – CTO and Founder of BioCastle 💧  BioCastle is an environmental biotechnology company that encapsulates nature by developing and marketing an intriguing technology: the Small Bioreactor Platform.

How to Treat Wastewater in a Net Grid Positive Way while Mimicking your Body?

12 May 2021

with 🎙️ Manaf Farhan – CEO & Co-Founder of EMG International 💧 EMG International is a leading company in Anaerobic Wastewater treatments, with a pretty unique take on anaerobic digestion.

What is the Best Way to Make Four Dollars out of One?

5 May 2021

with 🎙️ Michael Stanley Gallisdorfer 💧 Michael holds a Ph. D. in Geography and builds upon a unique (and multidisciplinary!) skill set, making him a Global Water expert.

It’s hard to be what you can’t see: How to get more Women in Water?

28 April 2021

with 🎙️ Ulrike Kelm – Chair of the Woman in Water and Sanitation Network 💧 The Woman in Water and Sanitation Network is an active ambassador for gender equality, connecting and empowering female professionals, expanding women’s career opportunities, and increasing their visibility.

How to do Competitive Intelligence in Plain Sight and Share it with Everyone?

21 April 2021

with 🎙️ Abdelhakim El Fadil – Ph.D. Researcher and Podcast Host 💧 The “Smart Water Solutions” podcast addresses technical hints and industrial expertise to better exploit water treatment technologies.

Is Entrepreneurship the Missing Link to Shape the Future of the Water Industry?

14 April 2021

with 🎙️ Gaetane Suzenet – Co-Founder of the European Water Tech Accelerator 💧 The European Water Tech Accelerator aims to boost European water start-ups to drive sustainable growth in the global water sector. 

SUEZ + VEOLIA: Long Live the Newlyweds?

13 April 2021

with 🎙️ Antoine WALTER – Podcaster in Chief @ GF Piping Systems 💧 Let’s dive into the last 8 months of the SUEZ Vs. Veolia battle that apparently came to an end on the 12th of April 2021!

About the Host

Don't Waste Water Podcast Host

Antoine WALTER is the host of the "(don't) Waste Water" podcast, airing every Wednesday on all platforms. Holding a master in water and environmental engineering, he's been working for 10 years in the water industry with a special dedication to solution driven wastewater treatments.

And he's French, nobody's perfect.

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Yet, our guest's experience shows, the state of the art is always evolving in the water industry.

Discover potentially better ways of addressing process issues, with our wide panel. Former guests range from water majors (SUEZ, Veolia...) to SMEs (Lenntech, LiqTech, Fluence...) through Start-Ups (Kando, Aquassay, Cambrian Innovation...).

And if you feel like, we did not address yet the issue that keeps you up at night, contact us!

Water & Wastewater 101

Our industry might be confusing at first sight! Don't worry, we've all been there (...and still regularly are 😉).

You'll find here some key definitions, cornerstones, and directions to guide you on your water and wastewater journey!

The timelines of Water and Wastewater Management started around the same milestones, with the first large civilizations.

Around 3'500 BC, the first evidence is found of Water & Wastewater Management in the Mesopotamian Empire.

The Romans would then be the first to provide a full circle integrated water cycle management.

And then... nothing!

With the collapse of the Roman Empire, everything that the Mesopotamians, the Indus, the Greeks, or the Romans had brought to human wellbeing kind of vanished.

Water would recover, gradually. But for wastewater... the dark age would last over a millennial!

Dive into the depth of that story here, to answer this simple question: how long do Wastewater Treatment Plants exist?