Here’s a clever intro about the Fundamentals of Water – Work obviously in progress.

Could Icebergs become Sustainable Sources of Drinking Water?

In 2030, the World will miss 40% of the water needed, to accommodate all our needs.

Hence, it may become wise to be creative and to look at alternative water resources.

That encompasses cloud nets, atmospheric water generation, wastewater reuse, and… Iceberg harvesting.

Sounds crazy right? It even sounds wrong: isn’t that just direct exploitation of global warming?

Well, not really. Icebergs are created and melted every year in Antarctica, with the simple play of seasons. Sure, global warming probably also has an influence there, but Icebergs are really a drop in an ocean of ice there when compared with sea and earth ice.

Hence this crazy Idea: reaping these Icebergs, which are one way or the other due to melting, and turn them into drinking water resources for the arid places of this world.

That Idea is not new, it’s been around since the early 19th century!

But is it a good one? We review it in detail right here.

Spoiler: it may be much less insane than it first sounds!

What’s to expect from 2022?

Hey Water Industry: Nostradamus Called! What’s to Expect from 2022?

🙋 What will happen next year in the Water Industry?

Together with Björn, we took 10 bets for 2022!

Here are the two reasons to care about those predictions:

1️⃣ Wouldn’t you be better equipped to face the future, if you knew everything in advance? 💪
2️⃣ Wouldn’t you want to have a great reason to mock us when what we predicted doesn’t happen? 😀