Can Private Capital Change the World of Water for the Better?

Featured - Henry Cordes - Sciens Water - Private Capital can change the World of Water

15% of America’s water is already in private hands. For some, that’s a concern! For others (including me) that’s a proof of concept to ask for more. How could private capital help solve America’s water crisis? That’s what we’ll explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Henry Cordes, Principal at Sciens Water

πŸ’§ Sciens is a research-driven investment fund that identifies uncovered, under-researched, or misunderstood water sector opportunities that are undercapitalized.

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What do you Need to Know to Invest Wisely in Water Technologies?

Featured - Meshal Alduraywish - Sciens Water - How and where to Invest your Money Right in Water

How does an investor decide to fund a water technology or a water company? Are they sitting in a Shark Tank environment and following their instinct to make a decision in minutes? That’s very unlikely, right? Yet, you won’t know before you actually ask about the research and due diligence process. That’s what we explore this week:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Meshal Alduraywish, Vice President at Sciens Capital Management

πŸ’§ Sciens is a research-driven investment fund that identifies uncovered, under-researched, or misunderstood water sector opportunities that are undercapitalized.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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What’s the Value of Your Poop?

Featured - Antoine Walter - TEDx - Wastewater Reuse - What's the Value of your Poop?

There’s a treasure in the sewer, and we barely notice: wastewater and its pee and poo are an incredible source of water, energy, and a bunch of additional resources. Better: it could solve the World’s water needs and help balance the Zero Carbon energy equation. How? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Antoine Walter – Podcaster in Chief at (don’t) Waste Water

πŸ’§ (don’t) Waste Water is the Water Industry’s reference podcast pursuing this simple mission: Understand Water, Solve the World!

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Are Amazon Water Filters the Best Way to Quench our Thirst?

Featured - Upmanu Lall - Columbia Water Center - Amazon Water Filters in a World of Decentralized Water Treatments

At the exact point in time where governments are heavily investing in renewing their central water infrastructure, distributed water treatments still grow at a 3x faster pace! Does this mean we will soon all have a Water Filter ordered from Amazon and screwed under our sinks? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Upmanu Lall – Director of the Columbia Water Center

πŸ’§ The Columbia Water Center aims to creatively tackle water challenges of a rapidly changing world where water and climate interact with food, energy, ecosystems, and urbanization.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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800 M&A Moves in a Decade, Yet You’ve Never Heard of this Water Utility!

Featured - Josiah Cox - Central States Water Resources - Consolidating Small Scale US Water Utilities

With 50’000 water and 35’000 wastewater utilities, the US Water Sector is highly scattered. This has consequences: 63 million Americans are potentially exposed to unsafe drinking water! This is where consolidation and especially the one happening on the smaller system’s level, sparks hope.

I got to meet with US’s largest consolidator – in less than a decade; they changed the fate of 800 distressed communities across ten states. Why, how, and for which results? What comes next? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Josiah Cox, founder and president of Central States Water Resources

πŸ’§ Central States Water Resources transforms how water utilities work by acquiring small, often non-compliant systems and then using expertise, technology, and innovation to quickly assess and turn them into reliable infrastructure.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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How to Actively Invest Philanthropy and Save the (Water) World?

Featured - Sean Davis - Merton Capital Partners - Philanthropic Capital to Save the Water World

Philanthropic Capital could be the third source of investment the Water Sector desperately needed to find a balance. How will the blend of philanthropy into private funding and federal grants change the name of the game? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Sean Davis, founder and managing director of Merton Capital Partners, adjunct professor at the Palm Beach Atlantic University, and Author of “Solving the Giving Pledge Bottleneck.”

πŸ’§ Merton Capital Partners develops innovative investment strategies to unlock philanthropy’s potential by incentivizing corporations to generate large-scale good in their core businesses.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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How does Maslow explain a lot of America’s Broken Water Economics?

Featured - Tom Rooney - Sciens Water - Maslow explains Water's Broken Economics

The Water Challenge is three-dimensional. We face broken pipes, broken policies, and broken economics! Yet, if we get to the bottom of it, the economic one seems to be the root cause of all the other problems. What if Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs actually explained it? That’s what we’ll uncover:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Tom Rooney – Chairman and Operating Partner at Sciens Water

πŸ’§ Sciens is a research-driven investment fund that identifies uncovered, under-researched, or misunderstood water sector opportunities that are undercapitalized.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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How De Nora Grew from 0 to IPO in 7 Years (with Cheat Codes!)

Featured - Mirka Wilderer - De Nora

De Nora Water Technologies entered the water business in 2015 – with a bang. Under the lead of Mirka Wilderer (since 2019), the company further grew up to a successful IPO in July 2022. What’s to learn from it? What’s on De Nora’s and Mirka’s plate for the next months and years? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Mirka Wilderer – CEO at De Nora Water Technologies

πŸ’§ De Nora is a leading provider of equipment, systems, disinfection, and filtration solutions for water and wastewater treatment.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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What’s Patrick Decker’s Call To Action? Let Us Solve Water!

Featured - Patrick Decker - Xylem - Let US solve water

Patrick Decker became Xylem’s CEO in 2014. At the time, the company was a renowned product supplier in the Water Industry. Yet under its lead, Xylem further expanded to become a solution provider fostering and nurturing its surrounding ecosystem.

Patrick was kind enough to spend some time with me to review some of the hot topics in our sector, yet he was awaited on stage for a speech, so we had to be fast. Yet it was such as pleasant experience (as you’ll discover) that I’ll make sure to bother him a bit to back for a deeper dive!

with πŸŽ™οΈ Patrick Decker – CEO at Xylem

πŸ’§ Xylem is one of the largest water and wastewater technology companies globally and follows the simple motto: β€œLet’s solve water.”

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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Can Nature Protect New York From Water Catastrophes? Yes!

Featured - Paul Gallay - Columbia Climate School - New York Water Management through Nature Based Solutions

New York City did a bold move in the 1990s by betting on Nature-Based Solutions to protect its drinking water quality. Yet new challenges arise: how can nature help the Big Apple on its path to Climate Change adaptation? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Paul Gallay – Lecturer & Co-Director at the Columbia Climate School

πŸ’§ Columbia University is a global leader in climate and sustainability education, aiming to bring an interdisciplinary knowledge base for future climate leaders to work with businesses, communities, governments, and civil society to address the climate crisis.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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How to Make Carbon Negative Fuel, Boost Utility’s Revenue and Save the World

Featured - Kunal Shah - Anaergia - Carbon Negative Fuel - Biomethane to Save the World

Climate Change recalls us every day how important it is for the World to accelerate on its path to decarbonization. Today, the Water Industry is everything but carbon neutral: yet this could change today and at scale if we do it right! How? With a carbon-negative fuel.

You already know that fuel: we’re talking about biomethane. But with a twist! By leveraging synergies across a city’s departments, biomethane production can grow on steroids at scale and today. How can waste and wastewater better work together? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Kunal Shah – Chief Growth Officer at Anaergia and council member of the World Biogas Association, the Singapore Water Association, and Imagine H2O Asia.

πŸ’§ Anaergia ambitions to convert waste into a carbon-negative fuel for a sustainable future.

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The Dear Link Between Water, SDGs and our Everyday Lives

Featured - Kevin Sofen - SDG Talks - There's a Water Impact all over the SDGs

When it comes to Sustainable Development Goals, we often limit Water to SDG 6. Yet, water plays a key role in many more of them! Let’s explore it:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Kevin Sofen – Director of Innovation at W. S. Darley & Co., Host of the Smart Firefighting podcast, and Co-Host of the SDG Talks Podcast.

πŸ’§ The SDG Talks podcast highlights Change Makers and their work towards the UN SDGs with a sound passion for highlighting people and organizations that will transform the world into a better place for everyone.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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We Want You! Will You Help Closing the Water Gap and Save Lives?

Featured - George McGraw - DigDeep - Millions Without Water in the US - Closing the Water Gap

2.2 million Americans don’t have access to water and wastewater services in their homes. 44 million more recently experienced water quality issues. Isn’t it time to effectively close the water gap?

The first step to closing is probably acknowledging: an information mission that’s been taken on by DigDeep. Today, we’ll explore how they act to help populations we’ve left behind for too long. Are you wondering how you could help, too? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ George McGraw – CEO & Founder of DigDeep

πŸ’§ DigDeep is a human rights nonprofit serving the 2.2 million+ Americans without the sinks, bathtubs, or toilets that the rest of the US takes for granted.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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How to Make Water more attractive than the Apple and Samsungs of this World

Featured - Errick Simmons - Greenville Mississippi - Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative

We’ve been regularly touching on how we’re facing an aging water infrastructure: and so is the water workforce as well! In light of the “silver wave,” we currently experience, how can we transform the water industry to attract new, diverse and dynamic talents?

This age and knowledge pyramid problem is of particular concern when you’re administrating a mid-sized or rural infrastructure. Hence today’s episode promises to be a fascinating exploration:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Errick Simmons – Mayor of Greenville, Mississippi, and co-chair of the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative.

πŸ’§ The Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative works to improve the river’s water quality, restore its habitat, coordinate the state’s efforts, create sustainable economies around the basin, and celebrate the river’s culture and history.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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How to Make a Lonely Water Professional’s Mentor, Friend, and Caring Colleague

Featured - Trace Blackmore - Scaling Up H2O - Bring Water Professionals Together

The job of a Water Professional can be lonely: in many utilities, water treaters are on their own – or not far from it. But to keep you growing as a person, a certain friend has your back, your favorite water podcast.

Don’t worry; this one is not about bragging (as much as I praise my water podcast, I’m not that selfish yet!). It’s all about getting to know better one of the legends of that game:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Trace Blackmore – Owner of Blackmore Enterprises and Host of the β€œScaling Up! H2O” podcast

πŸ’§ The “Scaling Up! H2O” podcast intends to prove to you every week why working in Industrial Water Treatment is the best job in the world.

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How to take Mid-Market Green Tech Companies to the Next Level?

Featured - James Rees - Botanical Water Technologies - Growing Green Tech Companies

Our World is facing new water challenges that will be hard to solve with old solutions only. This means that helping new entrants and mid-market green tech companies to thrive is also the best segway to putting their impact on steroids!

But navigating the jungle of finance, investment, regulations, institutions, and existing business canvas can be tough. Yet no one ever said you couldn’t get some help, as we’ll explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ James Rees – Chief Impact Officer at Botanical Water Technologies and Board Advisor at Bluerloop, Droople, and Noverram.

πŸ’§ Botanical Water Technologies strives to positively impact water scarcity by providing a new source of drinkable, sustainable, plant-based water for social and environmental projects.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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Pre-Disaster Mitigation Needs to Quickly Ramp Up in the US. Will it?

Featured - Nick Shufro - Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration - Pre Disaster Mitigation

With only 9 million households that hold an insurance policy against flood risks, the most common and costly natural catastrophe is still widely undercovered in the US. Will the new federal efforts finally open the long-awaited age of pre-disaster mitigation?

with πŸŽ™οΈ Nick Shufro – Deputy Assistant Administrator, Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration, Resilience, FEMA

πŸ’§ The Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration (FIMA) manages the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and a range of programs designed to mitigate against future losses from all hazards, including floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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The Underestimated Hidden Threat of Biomethane Production. Time to Act?

Featured - Semra Bakkaloglu - Imperial College London - Biomethane Production Leaks to the Atmosphere

What’s about 28 times more concerning than carbon emissions? Methane releases into the atmosphere. It’s the same amount of carbon but with a much higher immediate global warming impact. Hence the concern when a recent study shows how we underestimate the emissions of biomethane production by a factor of two!

What’s wrong with the biomethane supply chain? Where does it leak the most? Who are these 5% of bad pupils responsible for over 60% of the emissions? What can we do about it? Let’s explore:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Semra Bakkaloglu – Research Associate at the Imperial College of London

πŸ’§ Semra recently showed in her research how the methane emissions along the biosolids supply chain were vastly underestimated and proposed straightforward actions to correct it swiftly.

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How to Actually Fight Big Water with Pioneering Bottled Rainwater?

Featured - Taylor O'Neil - Richard's Rainwater - Bottled Rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting just got an all-new flavor, and it’s sparkling! Indeed, next to the conventional approaches where that water would be used for irrigation, Richard’s Rainwater kinda created a new market segment: bottled rainwater.

How can you fight Big Water by actually putting water in cans and bottles? How’s that approach greener and more sustainable? What could it unlock in the long term? We covered this:

with πŸŽ™οΈ Taylor O’Neil – CEO of Richard’s Rainwater.

πŸ’§ Richard’s Rainwater markets what it claims to be “The Water of Tomorrow,” aka Bottled Rainwater!

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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Seth Siegel: 50’000+ US Water Utilities, 500 Water Talks, 5 Decisive Truths?

Featured - Seth Siegel - Troubled Water - Let There be Water

Seth Siegel is a voice that counts in the Water World – having published some of the most influential water books of the past decade and spoken on every scene you can think of.

Yet, in every keynote he delivers, he never fails to captivate the audience to convey his message home. There’s something wrong with what we drink, the way we manage our water, and the allocation of the precious blue resource. And there’s a better way around: simply replicate what works! That’s far too much to pack in 30 minutes? For sure, yet I tried ⬇️

with πŸŽ™οΈ Seth Siegel – writer, lawyer, activist, serial entrepreneur, and an acclaimed public speaker.

πŸ’§ You might have read his “Troubled Water” book – and if you haven’t, you should – or his international best-seller “Let there be Water,” translated into 20+ languages.

This episode is part of my Series on the Water Crisis in America

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Expensive, Heavy but Desperately Needed: is Source the Future of Drinking Water?

Featured - Colin Goddard - Source Global - Atmospheric Water Generation

Could you imagine producing perfect drinking water out of thin air and fully off-grid? Let’s face it: Source’s take on atmospheric water generation is pretty disruptive. Could it be a blessing for people and places for whom traditional central approaches have failed?

We’ll explore today how even in the US, no less than 44 million people may need to find a solution to fix their tap, and try to evaluate how Source could fit in the role!

with πŸŽ™οΈ Colin Goddard – Director at Source Global

πŸ’§ Source aims to market the world’s first renewable drinking water system. Clean, safe, made entirely off-grid, and available almost anywhere in the world.

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How will the Trial Reservoir Change Piloting Forever and For Good?

Piloting a new water technology has always been a cumbersome process. But this may well soon be history with Isle Utilities’ invention: the Trial Reservoir.

What would it enable if water entrepreneurs could deploy their best ideas in weeks instead of decades? That’s what we’ll explore today (and how that’s even possible)…

with πŸŽ™οΈ Piers Clark – Chairman and Founder of Isle Utilities

πŸ’§ Isle Utilities aims to bring new technologies to life by connecting expertise, investment, and inspired ideas across the globe.

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